At Fink Africa we believe in the importance of giving children the right start in life; when the foundation is deep they are able to build higher. We specialize in providing developmental (for early years aged 0 – 6 years) and business skills training (for the youth aged 14 – 25 years) training and coaching for organisations that have children as their clients.

An education is the most important weapon you can give an individual and it is essential to recieve a fundamental education in reading, writing and mathematics.

 At Fink Africa, we also believe that non-cognitive skill development is essential in the fundamental education of children and young adults. Whilst not everyone can be born with a high IQ and get outstanding grades when tested, non-cognitive skills like perseverance, emotional intelligence, excellent communication skills, leadership ability etc are skills that can be developed and enhanced, and we believe these skills should be taught to all children .

Richard Branson, Muhammad Ali, Whoopi Goldberg, Orlando Bloom, Charles Schwab are all dyslexic, yet went on to achieve huge success in a wide variety of fields. Academic excellence in school does not always equate to success in life. Studies show that more and more leaders attribute their success to having a vision and using their non-cognitive skills to achieve it.

About Us

who we are

We run a learning and development consultancy and we specialize in helping education-focused providers and businesses, NGO’s and non-profits, and Governments develop and implement a strategy for early years practitioners training and non-cognitive skills development, which will enhance the quality and usefulness of the education received in their organisations and country as a whole.

We also provide solutions to the corporate social responsibility (CSR) and HR departments of small and medium enterprises and large organisations.

Our ideal clients are any businesses who are interested in finding new and innovative ways to deliver learning and education, and who are interested in growing the next generation of leaders. The only prerequisite is for our clients to have an open mind, to be willing to communicate honestly with us and to trust us. In exchange, we commit to providing you real value.

We improve performance!

Working with a consultative approach, our team of experienced coaches, trainers, early-years specialists, communications, and NLP specialists take care to listen to what you want, and ensure we provide what you need to succeed.
Educational systems all over the world are under a lot of pressure to deliver results and those pressures are passed on to the children and this can in some cases affect performance. Through coaching, training and consulting services we work with businesses to develop programmes that will help children and the youth learn to cope with and thrive in challenging environments with the ultimate aim being to improve performance.



We aim to be the Company that people want to choose when looking for products and training services which develop leadership skills in children and the youth. We provide unique and easy to use coaching products that remain relevant and useful regardless of age and background as well as teach educators, learning departments, parents and carers creative techniques and practices that positively impact and actively enhance the personal, communication and thinking skills of the child – our ultimate client.


Our vision is to create environments where children and the youth have the opportunity to freely explore their talents and perfect their skills and go on to live successful,  productive and fulfilling lives

Our Values:

We aim to:

  • Deliver Creativity, Flexibility and Value

    . We intend every client to feel looked after, listened to and specifically catered to after every interaction with us.

  • Foster Open and Honest Communication.

    We believe strongly in communicating effectively and honestly to ensure that our clients, service providers and staff all know where they stand and to ensure the best possible relationships and service.

  • Pursue Growth and Learning.

    The more we learn and grow, the more innovative the services we can offer our clients. We drive a strong learning culture and constantly update our professional development in our areas of expertise.


Uzo is one of the best facilitators I have had the pleasure to meet so far. She was very pleasant and controlled, and handled what can be a very difficult population very well. She was engaging and fun whilst staying very professional. I would love Uzo to deliver all the workshops to my stores. Very impressed.”
Thank you Abigail for reminding us of just how important it is to take into account the diverse emotions of the little ones we care for, and beyond this, learning to master our own emotions and understand how they may influence our young ones. We look forward to many more interactions with you.


what we do

Line of Services

Early years foundation stage is a crucial stage in every child’s development. Practitioners at every level are required to continually keep abreast of the EYFS framework to provide the best care as well as ensure children attain important milestones…read more
We advise on improvement strategies for nursery settings for example audit grading your setting to achieve best-practice and consult on the development of bespoke educational programmes for instance as part of an institutions corporate social responsibility (CSR) offering…read more
We consult primarily on Teacher Training, Organisational Development and Planning, Curriculum Development, and Internal Communication…read more

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